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How to Repair Car Dents and Scratches

A car owner learning how to remove a dent from a car

South Houston Nissan knows that finding a new scratch or dent on your vehicle is upsetting. Make your car look like new with our guide on how to fix a dent in a car yourself and fix scratches on a car. If you don’t feel comfortable making these repairs on your own, bring your vehicle to our service center in Houston. Learn more about the different types of damage as well as the many ways to fix them here.



DIY Fixes for Scratches

If there’s a scratch on your Nissan vehicle, and you don’t think it’s worth bringing into a dealership or mechanic in Pearland to repair, here are some do-it-yourself tips for how to fix scratches on a car.

  • Candle Wax – This is not a permanent solution, but it will hold in an emergency. Gently rub the wax over the cleaned area to seal the scratch to prevent water getting in and creating rust. 
  • Super Glue – Like candle wax, this helps seal the scratch temporarily and blends it with the car, helping to slightly mask the damage and protect the area from rust.
  • Paint Polish or Rubbing Compound – When fixing a scratch on a car, you always want to use the least aggressive solution first. It’s kind of like cutting hair. If you underdo it, you can still do more. If you overdo it, it can’t be undone. We recommend using a light polish with a less abrasive foam pad first and working up to higher-grit polishes or compounds if the scratches still remain in your paint. Only if polishing doesn’t remove scratches do we recommend wet-sanding, which is the next step.
  • Wet Sandpaper – Shallow scratches that are only on the surface can be easily removed after cleaning the area and rubbing over it with 2000-grit wet sandpaper. Once it’s at a point where the scratch is hard to see, apply a rubbing compound followed by finer and finer polishes. Then, use a wax or paint sealant for protection. Washing your car before any scratch removal is always best, along with waxing the whole car when you’re done.
  • Touch-Up Paint: You’ll find paint available at service centers like ours. It helps hide deeper scratches after you’ve sanded and cleaned the area. 

DIY Fixes for Dents

Pasadena drivers like to turn the heads of other drivers. Don’t let a dent ruin the appearance of your new Nissan. Try one of these simple steps to fix a dent on a car at home before bringing in your vehicle:

  • Plunger – Whether it’s the plunger from your bathroom (if it is, please sanitize it first) or a car dent plunger, using this tool may pop the dent out. Be prepared for several attempts before you have success.
  • Hammer or Mallet – Gently using one of these tools on the opposite side of the dent can help knock the spot back into place. Use the hammer for smaller dents and the mallet for larger dents. Make sure to protect the side you are hammering by padding it with a towel or something like that to avoid more damage.
  • Dent Puller – Only proceed with this method if you’re familiar with it. This method requires drilling a hole in the dent, lacing the wire through, and pulling the dent back to surface level. You’ll then need to fill the hole, sand it down, and paint it.

For damage done to your bumper, read our guide on Nissan car bumper repair

South Houston Nissan is Here for All of Your Auto Care Needs

Now that you know how to fix a dent on a car and how to fix scratches on a car, if you need assistance, bring your vehicle to the South Houston Nissan service center. Not only will our team fix the dent in your car, but they’ll ensure a longer-lasting solution for your Deer Park lifestyle. Contact us today or schedule an appointment online. We’re here for you!


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